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Welcome to Baltimore County Youth Ballet

about the program Since its establishment in 1983, The Sudbrook Arts Centre, the official school of the Baltimore County Youth Ballet has stood as a superior institution for training aspiring dancers. During its 30 year history, the Centre has developed dancers who have gone on to careers in professional companies and have won Maryland State scholarships and college scholarships throughout the country. With a full range of programs for all ages, the Sudbrook Arts Centre experience instills in students self-discipline and an eagerness to learn, enriching their lives regardless of the careers they ultimately pursue. The Sudbrook Arts Centre’s spacious studios are shared with the Baltimore County Youth Ballet. This arrangement links students to performing opportunities at the pre-professional level.

The Sudbrook Arts Center is committed to making dance accessible to the local community and is dedicated to addressing the needs of all economic levels. The Sudbrook Arts Centre is unwavering in its commitment to enriching the lives of students of various abilities and preparing those students who are gifted in dance for careers as professional artists. Known for encouraging quality in academic education as well as for nurturing artistic excellence, this program is based on the belief that the benefits of dance training; the values of self discipline, dedication, hard work and self esteem, will enrich any child's life, regardless of his or her chosen career.

The challenging curriculum, taught by an eminent faculty, emphasizes a strong classical technique and a flow of movement that suggests a sense of energy, freedom, and joy - reflecting the kind of dancing favored in the United States today. It is a style that readily adapts to meet the demands of any choreographer, any company, or any type of movement.
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